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Night of the Werewolf- part 7
Mutt's smile grew bigger, "You even remember my old nickname!" He turned to Karin and Tom, "How come you never told me she was coming over?!"  Tom shrugged, "Well, she didn't give us much warning and we both thought it'd be funny to see how you'd react."
Mutt lightly punched Tom in the shoulder and they both started laughing. Karin smiled and turned to me and whispered, "Do you really remember him?"
I shook my head and whispered back, "Nope, I sort of guessed." She smiled and nodded, "That's ok, I'll help out along the way." I grinned, "Thanks."
Karin nodded again and turned to Tom and Mutt, "Say, how about we all go get some ice cream?"
Mutt then started running around all of us, "I LOVE ICE CREAM!" I watched him run around. He acted totally different from last night. Before he was serious, now he's acting like a little kid.
Karin then grabbed my hand and dragged me off, Tom and Mutt followed. Mutt then said, "You probably don't remember, but we used to go to this place all
:iconusa-wolfdog:Usa-Wolfdog 11 39
Night of the Werewolf- part 6
I was paralyzed by what I just heard. I felt bad for the boy, why was he even in the woods that late at night? But then there’s the mother and her son. Yes like most people he made them the bad guys, though I look at a different point of view. They probably didn’t have a choice, they were in fact part wolf and it is instinctively a wolf will attack an easy meal if it gets the chance. That easy meal just so happened to have been the boy who entered their home.
“Don’t take pity on the wolves, they should have known better.”
“What, you read minds now?”
He chuckled and replied, “No, I’m just really good at predicting how people react to things. But they should have known better.”
“Still don’t get you point.”
“As a werewolf myself, I now know that they had control over what they could eat. Not like what you read about how when a werewolf gets hungry, they’ll eat anything made of meat.”
“So you can eat veget
:iconusa-wolfdog:Usa-Wolfdog 20 28
Night of the Werewolf- part 5
I was partly telling the truth. Sure, I wasn’t tried, but I did feel a little warm, and if I stand still for to long, the room starts spinning.
As soon as I closed the door, I hear a low growling like sound. I quickly turned around, but saw nothing. I slowly walked toward my bed, glancing around the room at any sound I heard.
When I reached my bed, I noticed the window that was right above the headboard was wide open.
I quickly shut it with a loud thud and locked it closed.  ‘It was probably a stray dog outside and that’s why you heard it.’ I told myself. ‘You can just put all this aside and wait for the summer to be over.’
I let out a heavy sigh and fell flat on the bed. I sort of wished I had taken a pain killer or something before I came in, because now my head was thudding with every beat of my heart.
I cuddled up into a ball. I don’t know why, but the room felt like it was getting colder and colder, even though my head was burning up.
:iconusa-wolfdog:Usa-Wolfdog 15 13
Night of the Werewolf- part 4
Ok, total a WTF moment, but I just nodded. All I really wanted was to get away from him in one piece. “Can I go now?” I asked.
“In a minute.” He then shoved the bowl toward me. “Try my soup first.”
I looked into the dark broth. Little strips of rabbit meat and bone were floating in it. “No thanks,” I tried to shove it back toward him. But he blocked it with his bristly, clawed hand.
“Try my soup,” he said, rising his voice. “Then you can go.” He then made an evil grin.
I shook my head, its not that I didn’t want to try the soup. I mean, I’ve had rabbit soup before, it was quite good. But I just didn’t want to eat or drink anything that’s been near him!
He scowls at me and curls his tongue over his enormous teeth. “If you ever want to leave, you will try my soup!” Hearing him say it like that made me want to grab it and throw it in his face, then I thought ‘don’t want to make him mad
:iconusa-wolfdog:Usa-Wolfdog 17 7
Night of the Werewolf- part 3
I couldn’t see clearly through the grimy panes, but I could make out someone heading towards the shack. His hair, neck, and shoulders were bristly, and his head was flattened. His long pointed mouth is slightly opened. He’s teeth and snout was that of a wolf!
“I’m out of here!” Tom yelled as he ran towards the door. I had just a split second to think. I could follow Tom, but the door would soon be in view of the werewolf. Plus, wolves are fast and even if he is part human, he would outrun me. Then there’s the hide under the bed like baby and wait for him to leave if he came in. But wolves also have really good hearing and smell. So either way, I was screwed.
I lunged myself under the bed. I lied there listening, wondering if Tom was being chased. I heard nothing but the cawing of a crow.
Minutes tick by. Waiting, sweating, wishing I was somewhere else, anywhere, even an old person’s home!
The suspense was killing me, I started to wiggle my way from un
:iconusa-wolfdog:Usa-Wolfdog 14 10
Night of the Werewolf- part 2
“We should investigate this,” Tom said. As he was speaking, I noticed a fat book on the bookshelf. It’s title was ‘Encyclopedia of the Supernatural’. The book was very old-like it would crumble in my hands. Carefully, I pulled it down from the shelf.
I thumbed through the book until I found “W.” “Here it is-‘Werewolf,’” I announced.
Tom and Karin crowded around me. “What does it say?” Tom asked.
I read aloud:
Werewolf: A person who is changed into a wolf, and who begins to look and act like one. No one knows why this happens. But we do know that a werewolf is very strong and very dangerous, especially when it is hungry. Some experts say that a witch can destroy a werewolf. It might even be possible for an ordinary person to overcome becoming one, but it would be very unwise to try. The safest way to deal with a werewolf is to get as far away as possible.
“This gives me the shivers,” Karin said.
:iconusa-wolfdog:Usa-Wolfdog 17 12
Night of the Werewolf- part 1
Its summer vacation and I’m on my way to my cousins, Karin and Tom, in their new house. My aunt Charlotte was waiting for me at the bus depot. She gave me a big smile and a hug, but she didn’t look happy. I was wondering if something was wrong or if she just didn’t want me to be there, I did kind of came over last minute. Both of my parents had a sudden change of plans and said I had to stay somewhere for the the beginning of summer. I don’t know why, but I suggested Aunt Charlotte.
Later, driving home, she caught my eye. “There’s something you should know,” she said. “The police found a body yesterday-it was by a pond only half a mile from our house.”
“Wow, that’s terrible! Was it a murder?” I asked.
“They don’t know. The victim was covered with deep bites, as if he’d been attacked by a dog with huge teeth. But there aren’t any dogs like that around here.”
“That’s weird,” I said, shakin
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